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Now Leaving Eureka (A View from the Inside)

by Amy Berg, Armchair Commentary

“First my PDA has a camera, and now black holes are everywhere? People need to know these things!”

Oh, Sheriff Carter. I’m going to miss you.

I’m going to miss your endearing naïveté. The way you see the world and the people who inhabit it. The love you have for your family, the respect you have for your friends, and the lengths you’re willing to go to protect people you don’t even know. Most of all, I’m going to miss your charm. So. Much. Charm.

You’re more than just a role model for young women, Allison. You are proof positive that genius is color blind. You’re strong and confident but never cold. You’re guided by your mind and your heart in equal measure, and that’s something we all can envy.

The smartest man in the smartest city also has the gentlest soul. You wear your heart on your sleeve, Henry, and sometimes it bites back. You have all the answers, except when it comes to your own life. But despite everything you’ve been through, you’ve never sacrificed your ideals and you’ve never let down your friends.

You don’t just save lives, you enrich them. You’re tough as nails, but not invulnerable. So what if you’re not an intellectual, you’re okay with that. You’re not intimidated by anyone, be it politicians, five-star generals, or Eureka’s resident smartypants. You may not always know what you want, but you always know what others need. I want to be you when I grow up, Jo.

Damn, you’re sexy. But you’re also quite handy with a keyboard. That wall you put up was tough to crack at first, but eventually you stopped trying to patch it. Now we know the real you, Zane. You’re a honorable guy with a good heart. So suck it up.

No one has come farther than you, Fargo. You went from bungling button-pusher to the head of Global Dynamics, and it’s been a treat watching you grow. Your inner workings and outer spaciness are a hoot and a half. We’ve enjoyed getting a peek into that inquisitive mind of yours… and occasionally, if not intentionally, your pants.

From uber-smart offspring Zoe and Kevin to overly accommodating Deputy Andy, I’m going to miss everyone who has visited Eureka over the past six years. Beloved town crier, Vincent. Long-suffering Larry. Charming thorns Nathan Stark, Trevor Grant, and Isaac Parrish. Hell, I’m even going to miss that crazy bitch Beverly Barlowe.

Oops. Forgot one. I’m going to miss you too, Holly. I was just, uh, saving the best for last. Not that I like you more than the others, I just mean… crap.

Now it’s awkward.

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” – Isaac Asimov

Eureka isn’t just a town, it’s an idea.

A place where intellectual aptitude is celebrated, not ridiculed. Not only is it okay to be smart, geeky, or obsessive… it’s required. Don’t let all the explosions, AI takeovers, and space-time disturbances fool you. Eureka is a damn fine place to live.

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Astraeus Candidate cosplayers! #eureka #Dragoncon (Taken with instagram)

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Eureka: This One Time At Space Camp


In a few hours, I will be picked up and taken to the set for my last day on Eureka. Though I’ve known this day was coming for a couple of weeks, and I’ve been trying to prepare myself for it, I’m not ready. I don’t want this to be over. I don’t want to say goodbye to my friends.

Monday, we had our last day of work in Cafe Diem. At the end of the day, Chris Gauthier and Nial Matter were wrapped for the entire series, along with some other actors who are [SPOILER]. I stood there, next to Neil and Felicia, and applauded for them. Then, without warning, I began to cry. It’s real. It’s really over. We’re really done. In two days, I’ll finish my last scene, and the first AD will call out, “That is a series wrap for Wil Wheaton,” and I’ll cry again.

I’m glad to feel sad, as strange as that may sound. I know I’ve said this about some other things, but it’s true: I’m happy to be sad when something is ending, because if I wasn’t, it would mean that nothing good happened that I will miss.

I will miss everything about Eureka. I’m going to be a wreck tonight.

So let’s talk a bit about This One Time, At Space Camp, shall we? It’s going to be Spoileriffic, so you have been warned (or you’ve already been spoiled, because you follow me on Twitter. Sorry about that.)

I learned to ride a recumbant bike for this episode. It was challenging, but not as difficult as I expected, and ended up being quite a lot of fun. I also think that “May the best man BLAH BLAH BLAH” is my favorite Parrish line of the series.

Wasn’t Aaron Douglas magnificent? I loved seeing him play totally against his usual type, and I loved the way he interacted with the kids.

We talked a lot about how douchey Parrish should be in this episode. I wanted to let him be as supremely arrogant as possible, because he’s convinced that all of this is just a formality at this point. I wanted him to lift himself up as high as he possibly could, so the fall at the end of the episode would be that much more brutal for him (and awesome for the audience, who are almost certainly cheering for Holly and Fargo at this point, if we’ve all done our jobs.)

I watched the episode with Neil and Chris in Neil’s trailer during breaks in filming, and when Fargo makes it but Parrish doesn’t, Neil pointed at sad Parrish on the television, and did a Nelson Muntz HA HA right at him and then at me. It was really, really funny.

Can we just take a moment to marvel at how incredible Wallace Shawn was, too? I mean, holy shit was he incredible. We’re so lucky he is part of the show, and you guys haven’t even seen the best of it, yet.

Weeping for Titan,

Eureka: This One Time At Space Camp

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Me and @wilw and @notch! #PAX (Taken with instagram)

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Eureka: Of Mites and Men


In every rehearsal, when Parrish stands up to triumphantly announce that he’s completed his 100 cranes, I did it in my best* Homer Simpson voice, like when he tries to fake out Apu with the lottery scratcher: “WOOO HOOO! ONE HUNDRED CRANES, BABY!”

This episode was more fun to film than I thought was humanly possible. Even though we were all crammed into a tiny set (it actually looks bigger than it was, because it was photographed with wide angle lenses) for several days**, I loved every minute of it. I remember thinking that I was so grateful that we are all friends and all get along, and that nobody in the cast is a diva, because it would have really sucked in that case.

Erica, Felicia, Neil, Niall and I all went to an origami class with a master origami folder so we could learn how to do cranes. I had a really hard time wrapping my head around it***, but once I figured it out, I enjoyed it quite a lot. I also may have specifically inquired about the creating of origami dicks, because I’m twelve. When we were in that little chamber, we’d just sit there between takes, folding cranes and cracking jokes with each other. I can’t say for certain, because I don’t have a control to test it against, but I think filming this episode brought us all closer together than we already were.

From a character development standpoint, I think this is where we see that Parrish has a lot to prove, and getting to Titan is how he’s going to do it. We had to cut so much stuff for time, we lost a couple of scenes where we got to see that Parrish is so completely focused on getting to Titan at all costs, he can’t adapt to changing circumstances, and he can’t put the team ahead of himself. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that’s not the kind of guy I want to have to rely upon when I’m {VAR==$miles.to.Titan} away from home. I hope Parrish can learn from the isolation experience in future episodes, because I’m still totally #TeamParrish.

Weren’t the mites cool? And how much do you love Sheriff Andy?****

Fun fact: Three weeks before we filmed this episode, I nearly broke my ankle. I knew that we’d be doing this “take off your shirt, Coco” thing with me, so I had been exercising like crazy as part of Project Don’t Be A Flabby Piece Of Shit On Television, but it turns out that not being able to stand without a cane for three weeks sort of gets in the way of that. Luckily for me, the producers were sensitive to my vain need to not inflict my Body By Guinness on the world, and let me wear a tank top underneath my jumpsuit. You’re welcome, people who didn’t have to see a flabby, pasty, nerdbody that you can’t unsee.

A lot of viewers enjoyed the Number One line, and we’ve gotten a lot of credit for making a clever TNG reference … but I don’t think that was intentional. All of our characters were given numbers when we were in the chamber, and I think Parrish was just dehumanizing everyone to be a dick and work what he thought was some sort of psychological warfare.

Or maybe it was intentional all along, and nobody told me … it’s all part of the test.

* Not very good
** The show ran almost 25 minutes long, so a lot of very funny stuff had to be cut, but will show up on an extended cut for DVD someday.
*** The line where Zane says Parrish’s last few cranes looked like ducks was improvised by Niall, based on me complaining that I was really bad at making cranes, but extremely good at making ducks.
****The answers are: YES and A LOT. Congratulations to those of you who passed.

Eureka: Of Mites and Men

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