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Amy Berg, Eureka co-executive producer, bids a fond farewell to the funny, smart and inventive Syfy series, which ends tonight.

It’s hard to say goodbye to something that’s been a part of your life for so long. Although I only joined the show at the start of season four, I’ve been a fan since its premiere. There has always been something magical about Eureka. Not just what you see on screen, but behind the scenes as well. The show brought together an amazing collection of humans, from our writing staff to our production assistants and every member of the cast and crew. Everything about it just… clicked. There will never be another television series quite like Eureka and there will never be another job quite like it, either.

Read her full farewell post at our sister blog, Armchair Commentary, and stay tuned: Berg will be providing more of her insider perspective via the Hollywonk blog later this week.

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1st September 2011 @ 04:56pm
Hero In the Making: Interview with Eureka’s Niall Matter

By Steve Eramo, The Morton Report
August 31, 2011

As Zane Donovan on Syfy’s Eureka, actor Niall Matter plays a bit of a bad boy techo-wiz with a criminal record. His character is introduced in the season one episode “E=MC…?” having been arrested for crashing the New York Stock Exchange. However, rather than sending Zane to jail, the authorities felt his talents could be put to good use in Eureka. Despite the occasional lapse, he has managed to stay on the straight and narrow for the past five years. This surprised everyone, most of all Deputy Jo Lupo, who ended up falling in love with Zane.

An unexpected trip back to 1947 by five of Eureka’s residents in the fourth season premiere “Founder’s Day” changes the timeline once they return to the present. In Zane’s case he has slipped a bit back into his old smart alec ways and, while not committing any more crimes, is not quite the model Eureka citizen or Global Dynamics employee. In the season 4.5 opener “Liftoff” he takes a shortcut when helping repair an old space capsule, which puts him and Douglas Fargo in danger when the capsule is accidentally launched into space with them onboard.

To date, this is probably my favorite episode of Eureka to have worked on, the reason being because I had so much fun with Neil Grayston [Douglas Fargo],” says Matter. “It’s hard to believe that two guys trapped in a small capsule all day long would actually be enjoying themselves, but we did. Neil and I have become really good friends and we joked around the entire time we were filming ‘Liftoff.’ That was important because if either of us were in there with someone we didn’t get along with it would have been hell, especially because it was very hot in that capsule. You’d think we would have been at each others’ throats, but we weren’t. We just had a blast the entire time and I’m very pleased with how that episode turned out.

When I watched the final product you could see how much Neil and I were into our characters. I liked that because there was a kind of a paradigm shift where Fargo became more of the hero who knew what to do, while Zane clammed up. That was interesting for me to finally get the chance to show that side of him, and then through Fargo’s words my character finds inner strength again and they both end up having to help one another to save their lives. This was the first time I’ve ever filmed anything on any production I’ve been a part of where, at the end of our very last day of shooting, the crew erupted into applause. I remember looking over at Neil and we both had huge grins on our faces because we had never experienced that before.

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